The Return

It had been 2 years since that day… a day which strained a beautiful relationship; a day to be forgotten… but always remained in his heart as the day he realized his stupidity; the day he threw away his feelings for her, the girl he thought he loved… little knowing that he would meet her once again, not knowing that she might haunt him once again as she did two years ago…

He closed his eyes as the sound of the airplane’s engines thrusting forward for take off started…

Baby I am gonna go far away…far far away…

The beautiful song of one of his favorite band echoing in his ears from his phone was interrupted by the sweet and kind voice of a girl.

Sir, can you please switch off your phone?

He opened his eyes to a very pretty looking flight attendant. He quickly apologized with a smile and shutdown his phone. He slowly turned his eyes out of the side window as his flight began to take off the runway within a few seconds.

“name” turned to the other side where the person sitting next to him was ecstatically talking to the third guy about his new mobile phone followed by a conversation about how he has recently got more busy and he doesn’t have time to enjoy life as he wants to and spend quality time with his family. The guy next to him replied back suggested he should take some time off work and enjoy life as he wants to.  “name” giggled and said to himself :

Humans are such stupid creatures! They create something calling it ‘modern’, reasoning that it cuts the usual time by half or so and yet… they spend more time on it than they originally did before they created that thing!

In his two years here in the US, “name” was subject to a huge change, just like any other international student coming over for doing higher studies in a technical field. Staying away from family, friends, relatives, new place, new culture, new challenges, new people, it was nerve-wrecking at first but he soon got used to it.

After coming to the US, he had made some good understanding friends and for a boy in his early twenties, he was rather quite different from other guys – not very outgoing, social to an extent, no drinking, no smoking, soft-spoken and friendly to an extent. Having such qualities made him have less friends in his age group rather than most people his age but, he was happy and satisfied with what he had and didn’t wish for much. After coming over, he felt like he should use the new opportunity and explore more cultures and people someday when he starts to earn on his own.

All these things made him change into a more mature philosophical person, if not anything else. He usually started to stare off into space and think such simple but true things which he would ponder over later on and waste his time on the thing ,which most of us do in the name of  “group discussion”- the one thing which lots of people love talking and judging on, but rather amounts to nothing productive!

He wondered if he should have told his parents that he was coming over; maybe it would’ve been good to inform them rather than giving a sudden surprise. As he wondered if his parents would be home when he returned, he went into slumber with his mind starting to think about the past…