Results of my first roll of film

So, Velvia returned back from her journey of self-development and she brought back some amazing memories that were etched within her!  🙂

The last time I spoke of why I started shooting film. Last weekend, I received my film developed and scanned by North Coast Photographic Services here in Carlsbad, CA. They have a very good reputation of being true professionals and I was stunned and very impressed with their work!

Being a newbie to film and shooting one of the most notorious slide films known to many was indeed a test of my patience and knowledge of my gear along with a lot of research. Even if the photographer is good but the development and scanning go wrong, you will get the wrong impression that the photographer wasn’t good enough. Hence, when I praise them for what they did, I REALLY mean it! I was very impressed with their work and decided to ask for some of the slides to be printed by them since their pricing matches similarly to other pro labs here. With that being said, I shot 36 exposures, most of which were very well exposed for an amateur and even the lady who did the development and scanning told that they came out well so she made two folders in the DVD she sent me; one with some minor highlights and light corrections and the other straight from the scans.

Velvia 50 has been known to produce the most stunning colors of any film and has been regarded as one of the highest resolution films every produced and it truly showed its colors and resolution in the scans I received. Wherever exposure was correct, the film did its job magnificently well and I couldn’t have got most of them better.

So, I would like to share a few of those in this blog post:

This was the first shot I took with my Canon EOS 3 and Velvia 50.

First shot on my EOS3

The primary colors mainly blue and red are stunningly beautiful with Velvia 50 since it saturates them to the best of any film!

Amazing deep blues!

Likewise, the resolution of this film is amazingly good! It can match any modern-day DSLRs provided you scan it with a high quality scanner or use a macro setup to get the details! 🙂

This picture was cropped but you can still zoom in to see the tiny droplets of water!
cropped and highlighted adjusted

And do remember, that this is 35mm film, not medium or large format where the quality of details and resolution will blow any DSLR, available today, out of the water!

For overall colors, I think this is one of the best exposed shots that I have so far:

spot metered on the cabin and the left shadows; no edits

I love how the colors are very accurate as to what I saw especially the pink, red and brownish reds. The greens somehow seem to appear darker than they used to although the blues getting saturated makes it very pleasing to look at. ^_^

For the next image, it was very tricky to get the correct exposure since the subject was completely black while the background was brightly lit behind it! Spot metering and zone system knowledge always come to the rescue! I did have to fill it with light to bring the highlights of the bags out. 🙂

My daily ride. :)

One of my favorites so far was this one:

No edits

I had to kneel down on the ground, move a few dead leaves to get this shot with my nifty fifty lens.

Finally, to end this steak, all my other photos were with the nifty fifty or the Super Tak 50 f/1.4 but this time, this amazing guy stayed there till I went back to my apartment and switched the 50mm with my trusty 70-300mm L lens and the result was beyond beautiful against the setting Sun! (^_^)

Amazing guy just sat there till I changed lenses!

So, to end this post, I have been truly taken over by Film and my DSLR has been seeing dust ever since  I started shooting film. I guess that is how it’s going to be from now on for quite some time till film completely vanishes.  My Flickr album of this first roll is present here : in case you are interested in browsing more pics. 🙂

The joy of not knowing how something is going to turn out and then see the magic of a slide film come out when you receive it is something that cannot be put in words! Film photography teaches you a lot of skills which help you in both becoming a better photographer as well as becoming a better person in life as well, depending on how you look at it.

  • It teaches you to be happy with what you have and not expect anything spectacular that most people these days think. In short, it teaches you to find beauty in imperfections. 🙂
  • It teaches you to work hard in learning the basics before you actually use it.
  • It teaches you to remain patient for extended amounts of time not only while metering and during composition but also waiting for the right moment to come and for the right lighting situation, which might be debatable depending on whom you talk to.
  • It makes you realize that each of that presses on the shutter button costs about 1 or 2$ which in turn once pressed makes you realize that there is no ‘delete’ button to reuse that same spot on the film! Unlike shutter ‘zombies’ who just press their shutter button in burst mode and expect one of the many shots to be in focus later on. Here, you know exactly when you want the shot and you shoot only a  limited amount of it but you are sure that they are in focus!
  • It makes you cherish all those memories you get when you finally get to see the developed film!

Oh! Did I mention that my EOS 3 is running a Kodak Ektar 100 this time and that I bought a handful more of some high ISO rated films that are staying in my freezer now? 😛


As usual, to end on a musical note, here’s something that you might like. 🙂