The short auto-biography of a little kitty…

‘ I was playing around near my home and before I realized it, I was in the middle of the road, on the vehicle lane right next to the bike lane. I didn’t realize the situation I was in before a few cars ran past me and some over me. I am a very pretty little kitty with black fur all over my body and only white paws and I am probably a couple of weeks old. So I guess no one could see me as a little living thing and rather thought I was just some pine cone fallen to the middle of the road. I was so scared that I curled myself up really tight and was shivering as cars barely went over me with me between the wheels and the air pushing my back up each time a car went over me. I clawed the road as much as I could with my tiny little paws and curled even tighter. After a few minutes, a tall guy riding his bike on the sidewalk looked at me and I moved a little due to the wind and he noticed me. He got down from his bike and stood there like a clown with his helmet and sunglasses on, probably wondering what I was. Hopefully he noticed me and before he could come towards me, another car went over me. He somehow came close to me and tried to pick me up but I was really scared! I was very tiny and frail that I could barely fit in his hand. Once I realized that I was being approached, I scurried as fast as I could trying to get away from him but he blocked me from the other side and so I had to run as fast as I could towards the sidewalk. I fell down as I tried to go up the sidewalk and after trying twice, I rushed back into the bushes! I am glad I got away from that huge big monster! ‘

The auto-biography of the tiniest and the cutest little kitten I was fortunate enough to notice and move out of the road this morning. Hopefully he doesn’t scurry back to the road and get run over when no one’s there to help him. How I wish I could’ve held him for once before he rushed back… 😦