Little imperfect but, beautiful things!

Have you ever had a time when your heart was filled with so much happiness and warmth, which made you feel so content with life that you couldn’t ask for anything more? I am not talking about materialistic things in life but the simpler things like waking up early to enjoy the weather and beautiful scenery around you; appreciating your life for what you have and what you are; loving everything and everyone unconditionally without expectations ?

It’s weird, isn’t it? For most people, their daily life revolves around them as much as they hate to admit it! Waking up early, exercising in one way or the other, enjoying a cup of tea while listening to music, trying to get fit by counting their calories and waist line, looking after their family, going to work, completing assignments and projects, etc…  No doubt these are all part of our lives but do we ever stop to take a minute or maybe a few hours of our wonderful lives and begin to appreciate the little ‘imperfect’ beautiful things around us? Maybe, maybe not. That’s an entirely subjective question.

Nevertheless, how many of us stop our clocks, relax, unwind, listen to the sounds, the sight, the smell and all the other senses and begin to see life unfold its most beautiful wings and show us how blessed we are? Very less, in my opinion. We urge to get the ‘most perfect’ (semantically incorrect, but they exist!) things in life, compete with others to achieve ‘something’ which we define as one of the numerous definitions of growth of a person’s so-called ‘intellect’ !  What we fail to see is that imperfection is the measure to perfection!

There is nothing ‘perfect’ and there is nothing ‘imperfect’! Both are just words from an English dictionary in the same way as we say ‘good’ , ‘better’ and ‘best’. The world is balanced in every possible way you can imagine; if you can’t then you are missing something in your calculation. 🙂

Why do I say that? Simple! Think of a life where everything was ‘red’ in color, no shades of red, just plain tomato red! What would such a world look like? In fact, it’s even beautiful with just two colors ‘Black’ and ‘White’. If just these two colors defined the World, it would still be beautiful but if it was just one of them, what would you see? Nothing! You’ll be blind! The mere existence of different ‘shades’ of a color is ‘imperfection’ in itself! If such an imperfection could make the World more beautiful and add more meaning to life , then why don’t we embrace the so-called ‘imperfect’ in every form of our life?

Well, we’ll leave that imperfect discussion for now and look at the title of what I actually wanted to post! I know, I know… I am a random person with random thoughts! 😛

Anyways, getting back to the subject, the ‘little imperfect but, beautiful things’ in life:

I have always loved Nature more than most people in my life for in Nature, I find solace, meaning, beauty and tranquility beyond words. Some of my friends know that I love the country side way more than the busy people-filled metropolis! I guess this is what defines me as an introvert loving only a small group of people, no less, no more.  I wake up early in the morning on weekends to go to my Japanese language class on Saturdays and wake up comparatively late on Sundays.

Today, I decided to do something different. I recently bought a new lens, a new bag and a few filters for my DSLR (I love photography as well, if you haven’t read my About Me page). I wanted to test them out ever since I got them. So today, I woke up early at around 6 in the morning and after getting ready, I left out with my new gear. I always keep saying – “The best things in life come when you least expect them!” (Should probably add ‘the worst’ as well! 😛 )

Today proved to be the day that saying came true. Walking in an early winter morning, with your hands almost freezing and getting hit by the Sun’s first rays is a really wonderful feeling in itself! I wanted to test my tele-photo lens by shooting some beautiful birds early morning and Nature really rewarded me in a big way! Since this was the first time I used such a heavy telephoto lens ( Holding 1.4 Kgs of glass with the camera in one hand supporting the lens is a tough job!) the photos were not the best I could take but I really enjoyed taking the first few pics. I began to get better as time passed by.

During the course of the picture-trekking, as I like to call it, I realized how beautiful the greenery is; how beautiful the chirping of birds sound like; how beautiful the colors of the leaves on a tree look like; how nice it was to get greeted by strangers in the morning; and how beautiful everything around me is.  It was as if Nature was talking to me, posing for my camera, wanting to show me how much I’ve missed all my life running after something I myself set a target for; the birds wanting me to take their pictures, chirping melodiously one after the other, fighting to perch on a branch to let me see how beautiful they were… It reminded me of my younger days when I used to look at beautiful clouds coming down the mountains behind our house in a country side town, with barely any people using vehicles, the calm, silent whisper of Nature striking you with the slight chillness in the air, wanting to get your attention and tell you ‘The most beautiful things are always around you in some form or the other;  I have made them in a way everyone can love them but you are busy sand-boxing yourself in your own dreams, own goals that you fail to see me! Let me remind you to see me as you once did when you were a kid and when you enjoyed ‘living’ more than ‘prospering’!’

*Deep breath….Haaaaa~*  The best thing about Nature is that she shows you more and more beautiful things if you begin to explore and understand her more . As I walked around the neighborhood of my place, I came across some really unknown routes to me and boy! They really were amazing! Standing on the top of a hilly region, looking at all the natural beauty surrounding me, taking a deep breath I realized how much I loved Nature.

And so, I’ve decided. Next week I am going to start off earlier than this to catch the first break of dawn and shoot in the golden light!

Just to give  a more solid evidence of what I experienced today, I decided to add a few pictures of what I experienced today. Hope you like it. 🙂





If you like these, you might want to see the whole album here:


I know this sounds stupid but still,

Nature, if you were a person with internet access and could read my blog, this is for you:

I love you more than anything money or time can buy me! I just cannot express enough of how much you mean to me! Thank you for always being there for me and loving me the way I am! (^_^)

And as usual, a musical ending. A short but nice violin rendition of Carnatic fusion in the Abheri ragam. Hope you like it. 🙂


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