The Universe… or is it?

Going along the lines of my previous entry, I mentioned that I had a couple of thoughts and penned down one of them. Today, I would like to pen down the other thought which came into my mind some time back.

Sometimes I wonder if what we do and call ‘Science’ is actually something new. What I mean to say is what we try to achieve through Science is something to give us solace by the thought that we are getting closer to understanding the origin of life. However, what makes it funny to me is that most people think every part of Science is ‘creating’ new things which never existed. They forget the difference between ‘Discovery’ and  ‘Invention’. To remind people of the difference, Discovery is ‘discovering/finding’ something that already exists while ‘Invention’ is creating something new from known things; well at-least that is what I believe it is. If you don’t know stuff, you cannot ‘invent’ stuff you only ‘discover’ them.

One thing which has always intrigued me a lot is the way we humans try to reason stuff and always want some reason for anything that happens. The first words a kid asks when he/she is in the process of learning is ‘Why?’ because of our natural curiosity to learn things. Do we really need to know why? And if we do, is our approach a good way or is there a better way to understanding things that happen around us is a question that I cannot answer since the very definition of ‘good’ is very subjective and can be changed according to a person’s way of classifying something!  What I hold as good, someone may think it as bad and vice versa. In that way, all of us can argue and say that every one of us thinks differently and there can be nothing called ‘Perfect’ and nothing called ‘Best’ to anything in this World!

Coming to the bigger picture which I wanted to share. It is intriguing as to how scientists try to understand a brain cell made up of neurons and synapses and what not! The funny thing is, if you have also had similar thoughts is how we, as a human being are trying to understand our own body parts when the brain controls and functions with them as if it were nothing! We are perplexed by the complexity of stuff within ourselves but then we fail to remember that the brain itself controls and talks to all these things which we want to learn more about! If so, doesn’t it prove that the brain already knows how the body works and that is how it communicates with them all? And if yes, isn’t it funny that we are trying to put this knowledge by learning it ourselves into something that already knows about it?
I find it very humorous when I think about it that way! 🙂

So where are we failing or what do we not understand? Our body? Our feelings? Our brain? What do we not know or understand that we spend so much time and resources on trying to understand when a part of our own body knows the answers to all these? This question soon becomes complex when people start arguing that we don’t know how our own parts function and hence, we need to learn more about them through research.

In the midst of these confusions, I ask myself… is there a way to actually understand my own body by myself? Why is it so difficult to understand ourselves? Is it because we don’t look at our own inner self? Or is it impossible to do so without putting ourselves outside our own body ? It’s weird, isn’t it?

(Told you I was crazy! 😛 )

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Anyways, one picture which actually intrigues me, and by the way is the reason for the title of this blog entry, is this :

Many of you might have seen it before this. This is a picture of a neuron on the left  and the Universe  on the right. Strikingly similar isn’t it? If that is the case, could it be that we humans are part of a bigger living being? If the entire Universe (as we know it) is just a neuron, then how huge is this living thing!? If we could understand this, could we understand the Universe as well as that huge being? All questions which strike me all the time, but then again, is this even possible? If this is true, then could be said that matter is truly indivisible… that quarks are not the smallest individual units of life but there are even more indivisible and with the current technology ( as scientists like to fancy) we can only go that deep but as technology goes even further, we might see even smaller units; I believe there will be no end to it.  If so, then could we think of the human civilization to be some sort of alien ‘artificial’ substance (from this giant being’s perspective) which is invading a part of it from elsewhere just like a medicine goes into our body and works its ways into the cells of our body? ( I like thinking about this since it has a very striking similarity to what medicines do to our body!)
Could it be that we actually came from elsewhere and we are looking for life in a different part from where we actually originated from and could it be that we are here for some reason? Or could it be that the Gods or Aliens which various mythologies talks about are actually beings like medicines to the body of this giant to help cure it of some disease and put balance back to the cells by making us advance further?

Ok, I think I’ll stop here since this is an endless set of thoughts with no proof or reasons… these are all just speculations which keep me thinking about the bigger things in life but with no concrete evidence to back them up!

Again, let me remind you of the ‘About me’ page of this blog:
“I generally blog on a variety of topics, ranging from simple thoughts to super crazy stuff which I myself don’t understand sometimes!”  Now do you see what I mean!? 😛

Call me crazy but I like thinking about these stuff since it makes me think about a real-life-fantasy (does that word even exist!? ) which not many can think of. 🙂

And as usual, a musical blog must have a musical end to it and this time… back to Carnatic music! I love how this guy plays his violin so good! (Hope I could be as good as he is. Wait till the last-minute. It gets really interesting and beautiful! 🙂 )Hope you like it. (^_^)


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