A thought… What do you think?

Everyday we come across situations which make us think some things which we generally don’t give much thought to; sometimes while in shower, sometimes while riding a bus or sometimes while driving a vehicle. However, when we do think, some of them reach a deeper thought process and suddenly something comes over you and you are like ‘Why didn’t I think of it this way!?’ Thoughts like that always come to me most of the time and while I find some solutions to them, some of them are utter rubbish!

This morning, I came across a couple of thoughts out of which, I would like to share one. Maybe I am too random and maybe being an introvert makes you think deeply than other extroverts. The thought this morning was Spiritual rather than something completely random. I would like to draw a line between Religion and Spirituality and declare here that while both are inter-related but the former is just a subset of the latter; at least that is what I think! Religion is something a group of people with similar views about something spiritual and a sense of reasoning created, it was never existent since time immemorial!

So, let’s skip the small talk and dig deeper to this random thought I got. What do you think about life? Is it just the time we spend here on Earth? How do you measure it? What is it worth? Or is it worthless?

As the water dripped down, I wondered, what if we are here for a completely different reason? What if after we leave this life, we actually still go further but to a different place? If that is the case, then what do we live here for? What if … just what if we don’t see the bigger picture of ‘Life’? Maybe ‘Life’ isn’t what we really think it is! Maybe the time we spend here is important in shaping our soul/spirit/whatever you prefer to call your spirit to a bigger, better future or rather a bigger part of its existence.

If we think of it that way, I thought, the reason why we exist here on the planet now, as a living creature, is maybe just to learn something and take it forward somewhere else. The faster we learn, the faster we leave. Sounds weird, right? But somehow it seems to make sense to me. I once read this article where a young 10-year-old boy lost his dog (euthanized) and the family tried to console him but he seemed rather calm and relaxed. The doctor who did his part, was surprised and he sympathized with the family. The kid, out of a sudden told him these words “I know why he left. People take a long time to understand the important things like love and respect in life but dogs don’t need that much time. They learn them at a very young age and hence they die early!”

Those words struck me hard! It had truth in bountiful amounts that what can be described. Thinking in that respect, it makes sense when you think that we are here to learn the important stuff in life and then we leave when the time is right. Although this doesn’t sound right when you take the amount of deaths by tragic causes, this is something I still think makes some sense, at-least to me. So, if that is true, then death isn’t the end, is it? If we consider living to be a part of a test, then death can be either  a pass or a fail. What happens when we pass and what happens when we fail is something no one can answer … yet. It that is so, it raises many questions.. some dumb and some rather interesting.

Should we be really scared of death? If this is a positive attitude (for people who believe in Science rather than Spirit) then is it a good thing? So if it really is true, then what saints do makes a lot more sense now, doesn’t it? They leave all worldly possessions and lead a very austere life for a reason since they think the body is not the important thing but rather they try to understand life better in a different way; ultimately leading to the same thought.

Maybe it is just my thought… maybe only I think that it is normal to think this way and not be afraid of death but rather smile at death and think you have completed your test and go further or maybe I am just crazy, I don’t know! However, for some reason this gives me a positive outlook to life and death in general.

What do you think? I would like to hear your thoughts too on this matter. Please comment.  🙂

As usual, a song at the end… this time, a song from an anime which has taken me over by storm! Addicted to the story which I’ll tell later some day. But for now, hope you like it. (^_^)


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