Thai, anyone?

Many a times  we hear the sentence ‘Customer Service’ uttered by people who are /aren’t satisfies with the way they get treated. Defining this term is somewhat obscure since it is more of a subjective term than a relative term in my perception. It is more of how you get treated according to the expectations you have.

What happens when you don’t have any expectations at all? Does that change the meaning of ‘Customer Service’? I would say yes, it does in a lot of ways. The reason I am writing this blog is because of a few incidents that took place with me at a Thai restaurant.

I generally have my Saturday lunch outside and the rest of the week as well as weekends except Saturday lunches, I cook myself since cooking is a hobby for me. One restaurant which I’ve taken a liking to is ‘Pailin Thai Cafe’ situated in the Rancho Bernardo area of San Diego not because of its ambiance but more for its food and the people who work there. Weekend lunches are pretty cheap, in my opinion here. For just $7.95, you get a lunch special with the main dish with rice, two egg rolls with the usual Thai peanut sauce, a medium cup of mushroom, carrot, zucchini  soup which tastes like Indian ‘kadhi’ , fried won ton and a cup of tossed salad which I think is really worth the price especially in a place like San Diego.
The first time I went there, I asked them for a place to lock my bike and since then, I always lock my bike opposite to this place. The second time I went there, the manager asked me if I biked everywhere and other such details. He seemed to be quite interested in biking and before I knew it, by the third time I went there, I discovered that I had a place reserved for me just opposite to the window to watch my bike! 🙂

And every single time I walk in, the manager is the one who seats me and takes my order and boy does he love asking about bikes! The server also seems to have taken quite an interest in me knowing that I go there almost every weekend and he introduced himself to me as ‘Mum’. I was like… eh!? What? That is when I was told that the word meant eating in Thai and also that everyone in this restaurant were from Thailand unlike other Americanized places here.

So far, I’ve tried their Mixed Vegetable with curry sauce which looks more or less like this:
Mixed Vegetables
Their Panang curry looks quite similar but tastes much better:
Panang curry

The soup which I get looks like this:
Mushroom soup
I really like the tangy taste of it.
And to top it all, I always finish with a Coconut ice cream. Yum. :3
Coconut icecreamSo far, this place has become one of my favorites not just for the food but also for the people who work there, all the way from the manager’s inquisitiveness to the server’s name (no puns). If any of you stay close-by, please do visit this place. 🙂

p.s. Lunch special menu here:
p.p.s I don’t know why I felt like sharing the menu! 😛

For this post, another Carnatic music rendition in a  beautiful ragam (Nalinakanthi) . Hope you like it. Please comment or like if you wish. (^_^)


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