The walk of shame!

I bike 4.5 miles to work everyday and my used bike has been working pretty well, sans the frequent maintenance I do on it by cleaning the chain, adjusting the rear derailleur, oiling the chain back and stuff like that. Sometimes it has issues with changing gears and begins to show how is in charge! 😛

This week, after I wrote about the  moonlight evening trip to Sprouts, once again it showed its unwillingness to transport me. The route I generally take to work and back is more-or-less crowded with cars most of the times but then, somehow I always try to wait for the cars to pass me by before changing lanes even if it says ‘Yield to bikes’ in BIG BOLD letters! Some person just wants to run you over even if you have the right of way! I fail to understand what some cars obtain by passing and changing lanes next to yours right in front you. It always puzzles me…
Anyway, as I was making my way in one of the couple of places where the lane goes from extreme right to the middle of the road with a break in between, I was cautious to avoid any cars behind me and making the change when all of a sudden, my bike chain hit the road with a metallic ricochet noise and ‘snap’… I felt something hit my leg and there it went…. the chain broke! I didn’t want to pay much attention to what had happened since I was in the middle of changing lanes. With my heart in my throat praying that no car come in the time interval and mow me over, somehow by God’s grace, since it was a downhill I changed lanes and thankfully, no one was behind me and the signal was red in front!

I got down from my bike and looked at the chain. It was nicely wrapped around the rear derailleur like some ornamental wrap. I walked to the side of the road as quickly as I could dodging a car coming in the adjacent lane. That is when I realized that the bike chain link had snapped off (it is a snap on link for my SRAM chain). Little could I do other than walk all the way for almost 3 miles to work from there. The walk of shame that is! Dressed in t-shirt and tracks, wearing a bike helmet and pushing my bike around with the chain hanging down rubbing the road all the way with my head hung down and shirt sweaty. A couple of bikes passed me till I reached the main crossing.

I felt the footpath as if it were mocking, looking at me with a  😛 and saying ‘You always go over me with all your might now you are walking just like a snail compared to that! Look at you now, moron!’ I looked at the footpath, smiled and said to myself ‘If you feel this is going to stop me from biking, you are so wrong! Laugh as much as you want now. It’s not over, you bastard! I am coming again over you at a much faster pace next time and I hope you are ready for the pain!’

As I went to my office after taking a shower, I told my good friend and co-worker about my situation and he suggested me to get a chain before I left office rather than asking for a ride back home since the next day I would still require a ride again. He had some important stuff to do so I asked another good friend and he was very nice to take me in one of his friend’s car to a nearby bike shop where I bought the chain link and prayed it would work and it did!

So far, my bike has been going well, just oiling it as usual without any other issues. Hopefully it doesn’t make me go through another walk of shame or worse kill me! 😛

Something Indian classical this time for the background music. (^_~)
Hope you like it.


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