Beautiful stories to inspire people to give more. :)

Recently, I have been getting a lot of positive vibes from everyone and everything I do. I came across ancient sound frequencies which make you feel better, make you concentrate better, and some amazing websites filled with strong positive feelings. I don’t know why, but somehow this website made me blog this.

I have been following which has some really nice inspiring real life stories of people who help others either anonymously or knowingly and it feels really awesome to read such stories and makes you do something good everyday, at least for me. 🙂

So, I was reading a few stories when this mail popped on my email client saying there is a beautiful story on a particular site. I went to that site and found that it was a heaven of wonderful anonymous help people have done in their life so far and continue doing so. It makes you feel really nice and the joy of feeling that so many people still exist in this World who help others selflessly and anonymously makes you feel that good people still exist in this World. 🙂
This site has always been a torch-bearer for me whenever I felt down. I visit this site very often and it always puts a smile on my face and a tear in my eye and I don’t feel ashamed for saying that being  a boy, I do shed tears reading such heart warming stories. 🙂

One recent story goes:

“I was shopping in town when I saw a man aged about 30 hobbling down the road. He didn’t have any possessions with him but I guessed he was homeless and that he seemed to have pain in his leg.

I watched him for a few minutes but was unable to help that day.
All that evening I thought about him and wondered about his life and his story. Going to bed I decided that if our paths crossed again I would help him.
I saw him the very next day! He stopped and asked a young woman in front of me for some cash. She looked surprised and not very happy to be stopped. She gave him a few coins.
I carried on walking behind and saw him drop the money into a charity box.
I quickly went to the cash machine to get some money whilst trying to watch where he went.
With cash in my pocket I followed him at a distance. He was still walking as if in pain.I heard him ask a lady for money, saying he had ulcers in his leg and he wanted to get some treatment for them. She couldn’t help but at least spoke to him about his problem.

I walked up to him after that, put the folded money in his hand so he wouldn’t feel uncomfortable, and held his hand for a second or two. I didn’t say anything, we just locked eyes and he said, “God bless you!”
I wish I had hung around and spoke to him. But i did see him about 10 minutes later buying some food. I can not tell you how good it felt to have helped.
May he find his way. I hope he smiled a lot that day. I know I did.”
There are other sites which spread such beautiful real life incidents and motivates you to give rather than take something.

“My mother is my hero. My Dad has recently left us and she is having a very hard time trying to find a new place for us to live and works long hours as a pre school teacher making very very little money. Because she loves her students, she pays for all of their crafts snacks and supplies out of her own pocket to give them the best education they can. Recently her assistant from El Salvador, had a car that broke down and she was working two jobs 7 days a week to take care of her own family. My mom took 5k out of her life savings and bought her a new car. Also, this Christmas she went to the local church and got the Xmas lists of two children who were living in poverty. On the lists were things like “coats” and “blankets”. She went out and bought everything those children needed and then some and anonymously donated them through the church. The list goes on and on. Her motto is to “give until it hurts.” I hope to be a fraction of her someday.”

says an anonymous person on an other site. Another person writes:

I didn’t do this action—but I hope it’s worth telling on this thread anyhow:My mom’s family was very very poor (I mean, bottom of the poor, patches on pants that weren’t long enough to cover their legs in freezing cold winter so they had to put Vaseline on their legs to keep away frostbite…and this was their “church outfit”…they were literally dirt poor) When my mom was a little girl on Christmas Eve, the family left to go to Midnight Mass. She knew her family was too poor to even buy a candy for each child as a Christmas present—so Santa would not be visiting their house. At church she prayed and prayed that Santa would visit (as any 6 or so year old would do).

“When they got home, a sack of wrapped gifts was sitting on their doorstep (this was in the early 60’s, there was no Toys for Tots in her town)…It had arrived while they were at church and the snow-covered up any footprints. To this day,  no real life Santa has stepped forward to claim the action. In fact, it is most likely the person took the secret of their good deed to their grave–as most in her small town that could afford anything were elderly at the time. For my mom, Santa is still real because of that surprise.”

The site this time was Please do take a look at these two sites. They make you feel really special. I have no other words to describe the feeling I get whenever I look at these sites. (^_^)

It feels really good to know such incidents still take place which make people believe that there is some good that exists out there. I don’t know why I am posting such a random thing but, I still feel that such things need to be praised and shown to people to inspire them to do good in their life rather than just thinking about themselves all the time.

p.s.: Ever been surprised by something you never remembered doing yourself? Think again! 😉


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