Bike thiefs!

Its been a long time since I blogged something. Studies and assignments took away most of my time, not to mention the never ending chain of midterm exams and other such stuff! (-_-)!

Its already Spring Break now and so I can really welcome 1 week of bliss to just laze around doing nothing other than watching anime, Japanese movies, dramas, and all such good stuff! ๐Ÿ˜›

Well, this incident happened with me last week, if I remember correctly, on Sunday, the 3rd of March 2013. I had my final midterm exam the next day and so, me and a couple of my friends were revising stuff sitting in the lab at around 1:15 AM and finally, we gave up and started to leave. That evening, I had gone to Walmart with my close friend, bought some stuff and then rushed back to lab.

Everytime I normally park my bicycle (or bike, if you would prefer that word) I always used to get a feeling that it ‘might’ be stolen because the front wheel was replacable, in the sense, could be removed easily since it was Schwinn. It had a skewer on the front wheel and a normal axle bolted on the back.


I would always be reminded of the front wheel and I used to feel that it might be stolen someday or the other since I never used to lock the front wheel instead, I found it easier to lock the back wheel with the frame.

But that day since I was in a hurry, ir call it fate, I didn’t remember that feeling of fear even when I could only see 3 to 4 bikes parked at a place for almost 40-50 bikes! I rushed into the lab and we began our discussions. As we made our way down the road to where the bike was parked, I got the shock of my life! The bike stood there alright, without the front wheel! I was like…. WTH!? (O.O)? Why my bike out of all of them? What was so special about a 45$ second hand bike that didn’t look half good?

As I approached closer, I remembered that the front wheel was removable and that is how the guy (or girl, cannot trust anyone these days! :P) whosoever did it must have removed it without any effort at all! I looked at my friends and they looked at me in shock. I began to laugh and I took the bike holding it with both hands and started walking like taking a little baby! LOL! XD

That is when one of my friend told me to try moving it with the back wheelwhile holding the front ‘fork’ up like a tricycle and so, I did! hahaha ๐Ÿ˜€

It was long before we approached his place and kept the bike at his place. I felt normal for a while before noticing that there was another bike next to me which had its front wheel removedย  as well! I jokingly told my friends, “You sure I won’t lose anymore of my bike right?” when he replied “Don’t worry! The thiefs have much more options besides yours!” pointing to the good ones! ๐Ÿ˜›

I was in a good mood and I again told him “You know, the guys who come here early morning are going to get the shock of their life when they see another bike without any front wheel! They are going to stop parking their bikes here! LOL! XD” I remembered that one of the guys who stays next door had his front wheel left after his bike got stolen! What a match made in Heaven, right? ๐Ÿ˜›

Saying so, I left to my place which was rather creepy at 1:30 AM with no one on the streets and no cars moving on the roads! Somehow I reached my place and broke the news to the guy from the next house who was studying for his interview with Amazon!

A little history about this person: He parked his bike in front of the library, which is by the way, one of the most crowded places for bike parking and he had his ‘entire’ bike stolen except the front wheel!


So, I asked him if he had his front wheel left to which he replied yes! Thank God! That saved a few $ atleast! ๐Ÿ˜›

The next day, the news spread to my roommates as well and they were also shocked!

How I ended up paying 5$ to get another ‘skewer’ instead of a bolt and axle, ended up missing one of my classes because of that and how I started to lock even the front wheels after that, is another story! ๐Ÿ˜›

In the end, I just realized how stupid I was and I still am to get another Skewer instead of an old fashioned nut and bolt!ย  Nevertheless, the one thing that still makes me think is how do these thiefs steal bikes in the first place? Even when they are locked?


This is how I would rather think a bike thief looks like! They are very professional when it comes to stealing as to steal so viciously and silently without being noticed by so many by-passers!ย  As to what they do with just the wheels, if not building an entirely new sophisticated ‘bikeย  machine’ or maybe they got inspired andย  plan on building one of the ‘Transformers’ freaks!

What I do notice is that, some people are soo dumb to lock just their frames and this is what they are left with:

Not even the SEATS remain sometimes! :O

And then sometimes, even THIS, happens! BikeThiefEuropics_450x300

The whole dam parking frame gone!!! Cool, isn’t it? So professional! ๐Ÿ˜›

All in all, it just seems we have to park our bikes like this, if we want to avoid being jacked by these ‘smart’ people! url

The cost of each of those locks amounting to around 15-16 $ and the bike just costing 40-50$! LOL! XD

Oh well, that was that! Now my bike is doing well with its ‘new’ life given by my friend’s ‘late’ bike! ๐Ÿ˜›

So, to end it all, as usual, another song added to the end of the post. Do comment if you like it. (^_^)


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