A good deed for today. (^_^)

Today, I had my first ever interview (sort of! :P) for the position of a ‘Japanese Co-ordinator’! Yup! You saw it right… the most amazing thing that could ever be offered to a Japan addict like me! XD

Well, the position required:

‘Post-graduate research experience in (online) libraries and archives; Two years Japanese language experience; Experience with website development or maintenance either using a program or writing using .html, .xml, etc.’

and I had NOTHING! Nothing at all to offer except my appetite for– JAPANESE-anything! And so, I applied to it yesterday evening at around 5:30 PM.

My mail read something like this:

“I am also proficient in 3 languages and currently looking out for opportunities for learning especially Japanese.

Although, I don’t have the complete proficiency of Japanese,I would love to apply for this job because I want to learn and interact more with Japanese people, not to mention how I learnt the little Japanese I know from watching Japanese movies, anime and reading Japanese college level language books. 🙂

I have attached my resume to this mail. “

and I got a mail from that person in-charge within 45 minutes! I didn’t know it till I checked it at around 9:30 PM! I was shocked!!! :O

She had asked me to meet her today between 1 and 3 PM! I was already in ecstasy since another professor of mine told me that if I do well in his class, and since he liked my questioning in class; and also because  he said “You know, I am afraid  you are too smart for this class!” , he would offer me a Teaching Assistantship in the next semester under him! How cool is that!? (^_^)

I immediately started reading all the e-books and audio lessons on the internet I could get related to Japanese! I swear, never have I done such exhaustive reading and listening of Japanese before this! LOL! XD

Today, I went at around 12:30 and waited for a few minutes and an aged lady crossed me and looked at me asked “Are you waiting for someone?” and I replied “Yes! I am waiting for someone named ‘ the lady’s name’ ” and she replied that it was her and told me to wait near her room and so I did. While I was waiting I noticed that she was into Chinese and Japanese stuff from what was stuck to her door!

I *gulped* for a few seconds before she came in not knowing what she is going to ask. To my utter surprise, she didn’t want anyone who was proficient in Japanese at all! :O

All she wanted was someone who could do library search and identify Japanese people from Chinese based on their name! I was stumped! Well, as you might expect, we started speaking about how infatuated with Japanese stuff and went on and on till we finally finished and she said “I’ll tell you the results next week since I have one more person coming for this position today”. Finally, I shook her hands and bid a good day.

I was in a good mood and I went to my favorite place ‘Jack in the Box‘ since I missed out a healthy breakfast today and I was hungry. Oh, its 2:00 PM now, as I write this! 😛

On my way, I saw the usual person sitting on the ground sketching some flowers (well, I see him sometimes here and whenever he asks for a quarter, I give him after I visit my meal place coz I LOVE his art! 🙂 )
So, today, I again told him that I would give him some as I returned but, somehow, I felt like I should give him something worthy, something I normally eat and so, I went up to him again, leaving my bag inside the shop and asked “Would you like a chicken sandwich and a value fry?” and he was delighted! So was I! (^_^)

I went in, packed two of them, one for me and one for him, got a glass of water and some tissues and of course some mayo and ranch 😉 and gave it to him on my way to the usual place where I sit in the Brickyard Building. I said “God bless you and have a good day” ; he thanked me and  wished me the same.

The feeling on contentment you get when you help someone GENUINELY, is beyond words. Feels really good. (^_^)

All in all, anime made my day! YAY to Japan and anime! LOL! XD

Oh! I almost forgot, :O  I am 5 episodes behind the new season of Hayate! The combat Butler, gotta download it ASAP! XD



2 thoughts on “A good deed for today. (^_^)

  1. Okay, so while watching random Kpop videos, I stumbled across Kpop-India and then I was like…OMIGOD! There are more people like me! x”D
    And somehow following a string of links, I ended up here! 😀
    Anime introduced me to Kpop…though I’m currently really into K-dramas right now. 😛

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