A Random thought on Gaming. :D

I have been a fan of gaming ever since ‘Dave’ and ‘Mario’ on PC came or for that reason, ever since ‘Contra’ on Video games came in. Although I am not a very regular gamer or an expert at it but, I do love playing some games. I play mostly, RPGs, Shooters, Action -Adventure and also Sci-Fi Fantasy and Historical Action-Adventures.

Out of all these, a few of my favorites have been

  • ‘Dragon Age: Origins’ (definitely one of my all time favorites! ^_^)
  • Prince Of Persia : SOT (quite old… but still a classic!)
  • Assassin’s Creed – ENTIRE SERIES for PC so far! (Yup! MY MOST fav of them all! :D)
  • Battlefield 2
  • COD-Black Ops.
  • Battle For Wesnoth ( A small open-source game kinda…like chess.Makes u use ur BRAIN! :P)

and of course, Sudoko! LOL! XD

Well, out of all these games, the one that made me write this blog today is AC 3 which was released this year end. I was and still am waiting for it(well, if I was back in India, I would’ve downloaded a torrent…but since I am here in the US, I am planning on buying it…so yeah, still waiting for finance! :P). I really like the promos and trailers of it but today, I saw a post on Facebook about its statistics so far… well, its AMAZING no doubt, but its a little sad to see that people spend so much time on playing games these days… that is what I think. So, I took a look at  the stats and something came up in my mind; what if… just what if, the game itself was a different World, u know, a parallel World in this Universe?

Well, before I started lamenting more on what this means and how my stupid brain thinks, this is how the stats look like as of now! 😛



OK, so you see the Single Player (SP) has about 82 CENTURIES of equivalent playtime!! :O And that too within such a short time-span of about 1.5 months! How COOL is that!!?? 😀

Now, if people around the world have that much time to spend on it, how would the World be if they spent that much time doing something good for Humanity? I’ll leave that question as a side-stepper for now and dwell into the deeper question….


What if, AC3 was a totally different world in REALITY? That would mean, we people, who have spent less than 1.5 months playing on it… have spent 82 CENTURIES in THAT WORLD!!!

Wouldn’t that be another form of Time-Travel? If it was, would you believe it if I told you that you can live 55 centuries in THAT World for each month you spend in THIS World? If that was possible, how about a game that would let you live in an alternate dimension for centuries while you keep your real body in this World?

If this could be done, consider the amount of knowledge the human brain can take in and think on how we can utilize that knowledge in the real world.

Well, ultimately, all these things would only happen if our mind recognized that World as a place to stay in and gets adapted to THAT time rather than this World but still, just thinking about this as a possibility, gives us many ideas, doesn’t it? 🙂

Guess, I’ll stop my laments here and tell you the real reason why these things came in my mind! LOL! XD
As you all know, I am an ANIMEFREAK, I LOVE watching anime since they stimulate my brain to think of many things like this. I like an anime called Sword Art On-line (SAO) where the players play a MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Online RPG) where the players have to stay inside for 2 years and cannot come out of the game unless someone beats the BOSS enemy in the end.

This, combined with the latest stats, made me think about what I just lamented above and also about a few more things which… I think would be unnecessary lest me be called a mad man! LOL! XD

Oh well, as usual, to end this blog post, umm…lets see, how about something new… something different from the soundtracks of anime… since its about games… OK!
This is one of my MOST favorite game soundtracks from none other than the game in question. Hope you like it. (^_^)


If you like this post of mine, please leave a comment. Thank you. (^_^)

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