A random thought on a bike! (^_^)

Today, I woke up at around 10 AM… thanks to a certain someone, who messaged me to get up since I had to complete a few assignments and projects! 😛

When I woke up, I had set my mind to use a software called ‘VxWorks WindRiver Workbench’ (OK… maybe I should’ve skipped that! XD) which is required for my assignment. I had the evaluation version with me; hence, I didn’t have to go the lab and sit all day looking at a place which reeked of depression! (It really does! U can feel the ‘ghostly’ presence of hundreds of students crying their hearts out to complete one assignment, sitting for 2-3 days without sleep, without food!!! ) I hate going to that place since it gives me a complex and so, I devised this plan of getting a 30-day evaluation version of the same tool which we use there.

After having done all my morning chores, I sat on my computer, watching a few videos (anime, of course! ) to start my day off, and after a while, I opened that software. *poof* it gave me a notification : ‘Your 30 day evaluation is over! Please purchase the full version!’ I was shocked! I had downloaded it barely 2-3 weeks ago… Couldn’t it stay there for a few more days? Damn! I had to go to the lab now since no one else used it on their PCs and they preferred the lab instead!

So, I took out my bike and left for that fateful place! On my way, something crossed my mind and I looked at my cycle crank-set near the pedal. It had 3 concentric spoke wheels over which the chain ran. (forgive my knowledge about these stuff. Not so good with mechanics! :P)  I realized that I had always run my bike in the middle gear and never tried to go any slower or any faster. Suddenly I began to relate this to my life!

Isn’t it arguable that we try to always ride our life at a pace which is most comfortable for us and we seldom try to do things a little different and see what and how they could impact?

Well, the reason why I could relate to it so easily was because of this one subject which I used to HATE so much at the start since it took most of our time and I couldn’t understand much. So, instead of doing the assignments on my own, I used to sit with my friends and do it together and in the end, I used to use almost the same code as theirs and then don’t even understand what was happening! But, later on, thanks to a very good friend and a mentor of mine, who always comes to my rescue, I realized why I wanted to study that subject and because of that, I got motivated to take it head on and I began to understand a lot of stuff. Now, it has become one of my most favorite subjects and I personally consider it much more worthy for the money I paid.

As I stood at the signal to cross the road, I realized something else! ‘Wouldn’t it be better if I loosened the gear a little and started off slow and then later on, tighten it and go smooth rather than trying hard to pedal it from the start? Isn’t that why Geared cycles are built for?’

Just like the bike gear, it’s the same with life as well. We always tend to put our gears at one particular state and then forget to switch them when we start something new and increase them as we start going smooth. The ‘comfort’ zone always catches us and we fall prey to it!

If, at the start of the semester, had I begun at a slow pace and began to catch up, life would’ve been much better, but then again; if I had done that, I wouldn’t have appreciated this subject as much as I do now nor would I have written a blog like this. 😀


The song for today… well, its my ringtone and my MOST favorite tune of all anime songs.
Hope you like it. (^_^)


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