Yesterday’s treat! :P

I was on my way back home from a rather uninteresting and tiring class at around 11:45 in the morning yesterday, when suddenly my bike’s seat gave in and I could no longer bear the pain of riding on it by going up and down and adjusting my bum! 😛

So, I decided to go to the Bicycle Co-op where they do these small repairs for free. On my way to that place along with 2 other friends of mine, we saw that someone was giving away free chips (well, ASU is famous for a LOT of freebies! XD)

At first, I didn’t want to stop like an idiot and take whatever I could but then, the pretty lady there stopped us and said- “Grab a pack of chips, its free!”. Well, who could say No to it when someone says like that and that too when you are stopped by a leggy lass! 😉

I wasn’t riding my bike anyway, so I stopped, took a pack of Barbeque flavored ‘Popped’ chips… well, that is what it is called! One of the other 2 guys with me, saw that a guy just came in with his skateboard and grabbed 1 pack each of Barbeque and Original and so, he also went back and took another one saying we all should take another pack!

The guy who was left out and me looked at each other and we were debating on whether to get one or not,,, but then, we decided that we won’t and hence, the one who took the 2 pack got trolled! XD

After walking a few steps from that place, I came across a guy giving out some sort of notes, well, I probably guessed what it might be, well, obviously, something related to God and Christianity while, another guy sat on a chair besides him and was playing the guitar, quite beautifully, I must say!

We crossed the street and changed routes after that. I reached home and took out the chips and had a bite…. well, I didn’t like it in particular but, it was ok for a one time snack.

The chips pack was packaged quite well and I kind of found it difficult to open it at first. It took me all my might to tear it open! LOL! XD

This is what it looked like… before opening :


Then I intended to see what that note was… I was surprised at first but then, I couldn’t stop laughing! LOL! XD

This is what it looked like:


I thought to myself- ‘I just had been to Hell and back a few weeks back and I am going to go there again since my final exams are here and U are telling me how to go to Heaven in 0 EASY Steps?  I can teach you how to go to Hell before you can even count to 0! hahahaha XD ‘

My roomie somehow liked the chips. Hmm… maybe I should give it to him. 🙂

Oh, btw, the soundtrack for this post… is one of my favs from my FAV anime. Hope u like it. (^_^)


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