A good deed. (^_^)

Today, I woke up late at around 11 AM since I went to sleep at 4 last night. (Yeah, I know I know… a Computer Science Engineer who sleeps for about 7-8 hours a day is non-existent! But I am an exception! LOL! XD)

So, today morning, I had to go and give a Hardware device to my Project team-mate since he thought he had broken one of its pins and I was the other person who had a spare. I also had to pay my apartment rent today since tomorrow is the last day and I had not paid it so far since it was a weekend and the banks were closed to transfer funds from my card to my account. So, after transferring the amount and withdrawing the same, I went to our Embedded Systems Lab (the place where Depression sulks! (-_-)! I don’t like going there since its always crowded and most of the times, I fall asleep there since I don’t understand what other people are doing while I do things at my own pace! 😛 )

So, after handing over the hardware device to him (a BeagleBoard, if you know what that is! ) I set out to return back while a few of my classmates were busy doing the final assignment of the subject (by the way, I haven’t started on it and I have only 2 days left! crap! :O )

When I got out of the room and went towards the escalator, I saw a group of people going towards it with 2 dogs on leashes. At first, I thought I would go ahead of them, but then, they overtook me and I said, ‘ok. I’ll use the stairs instead.’ The stairs and the escalator are aligned towards each other. So, something within me wanted to speak to them since I could guess from the stuff they were carrying, that they were homeless and whenever I see one, I want to help them (although I don’t have enough funds to keep myself happy here but I still try to give them something whenever I can. 🙂 ) One of the guys suddenly called to me – “Hey! How are you doing today?” Well, that is how every person here talks! I somehow felt like talking to him and I said, “Hi. I am fine. How are you?” with a smile and then as we approached the end of the stairs, he said “Can you spare us some change? We have some puppies to take care of!” I didn’t hear them well, so I asked them to repeat and he said that again.

When we touched the ground, I said -“Sure.” and I picked my wallet and quickly took out whatever my hands could reach into. (I knew that I had put some 1$ notes on the side of my wallet and so, I picked up one and gave them) He then showed me something I wish I could really take and keep with me and cuddle! (^_^)

Inside a box, which they named ‘Slow Puppies’ were 6 adorable, little new-born pups, barely able to open their eyes! They looked sooo cute and adorable that I actually wanted to take one and keep it! But then, I knew that I wouldn’t be able to do that so, and so, that thought just crossed my mind.

I felt happy and relieved that I gave money to something really worth and I began to leave them. The guys looked at the note again and again as if it was something very powerful and they kept telling me “Hey! Thanks a lot man! God bless you!” And I wondered as I approached my bike, ‘huh? Is 1 $ such a big deal to them? Poor souls…Maybe I gave them a NEW 1$ note that they are happy!’ As I approached the Bike stand, I thought maybe, I should take a pic of the puppies just to post them somewhere on the net, but by the time I went back, they had gone a long distance, I tried to catch up, but no use! 😦

So, I was on my way back home when I stopped by at the Rent Office and paid my rent to the lady there, who, surprisingly, was trying to learn some Telugu words from an Indian!!! :O (Telugu is a language spoken in a particular state of India called Andhra Pradesh)

As I left, I looked at her and said “Best of luck learning Telugu!” And she was like.. “U are also from there?” I said “No! I belong to a nearby state called Tamil Nadu.”
“Do you want to write down how you speak your language as well?” I smiled at her and said “Mastering one Indian language is a hell lot of work for foreigners, especially Americans. So, I don’t think you can learn two of them at once! ”  to which she replied with a smile “Well, the next time you come, I will surprise you with your language!”

“Good luck with that!’ I thought to myself and I left. After I reached home, I realized that, I had spent 2 $ yesterday on getting something and I had 8. something left… but when I reached my wallet, I saw only 3 $ left! O.O

That is when I realized… that I had parted with 5$ to the guys with the puppies! LOL! XD

Oh, n btw, since I didn’t get a chance to take a pic of those cute pups but, I found something similar to what I saw although they were all mixed coloured. They looked something like this:


Cute, aren’t they? (^_^)

Well, I feel much more happier now that I gave whatever I had without thinking and that too for a good cause. So, all in all, my day has started out well. Hope it gets better. (^_^)


2 thoughts on “A good deed. (^_^)

    • Well, Whenever I do something, I dnt expect anything in return and so, even today, I did it without expecting anything. I feel really good that I did something for a good cause even though I ended up giving 5 bucks. 😀

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