The day my luck at AZ ran out! :P (or so I thought! The Gods must be crazy!)

Today, it was Friday as usual… and we had a free dinner at the Bridges…but, because of an unfortunate turn of events, we had something called as the Icebreaker event at the ISA (Indian Student Association) club for which we had to give out RSVP. My mind was fixed on going to Bridges since I really enjoyed last time with them. So, I told my friends that I would go there but somehow… they made me realize that we would get Indian food here at the ISA event. Today evening, me and one of my roomie went to the Icebreaker event.. On our way there, he saw some really nice outlines in the sky and was fixed on taking some nice pics of the same. So, I clicked one of them and it came out really amazing!


and there, I came to know that I had to give my RSVP on Facebook earlier which, I hadn’t! The guy sitting at the desk said- “U can participate but u won’t get any food!”! I was like… huh? O.O!

Then, he told me that I hadn’t given my RSVP according to their Database. So, finally, I decided to go to Bridges… The normal event at Bridges start at around 6-6:30 but it was already 7:15 now. My second roomie was still at the Library so I called him up hoping that he also shouldn’t have registered! 😛 To my surprise, he had done it! That is when I realized how easy it is to call Indians to a meet when there is FREE food! LOL! XD

Finally, it was just me left out.. I decided to go to the place they normally host the meet at.

It was a long walk from there and the streets were deserted since it was the beginning of the weekend. The long road to the place where the event took place last time was dimly lit… and was on the other side of the campus where not many people/ cars went by. I wanted to call someone I had met last time and ask them for directions but, he didn’t pick up my call. I  crossed the road and went down the path where not a soul was wandering.. it was dead silent for some time till a car broke the silence and went past me at a good speed… I walked down the road for quite sometime when I saw a thin pale figure skate boarding towards me… the dimly lit street-lights only silhouetted the figure and made my hairs stand up! As the figure approached me, I was almost sweating… a lone road… a lone walker and a lone skateboarder! Weird n scary! As that guy almost passed me, that is when I realized that he was someone I had met last week at the same meet but neither he nor I recognized each other till we were a few metres apart! Seeing him made me think I was close to the event place…so I gathered up my courage and went a few more steps till I reached the place where we had our last meet. The place was deserted! No lights, no possible human inside… and worst of all, even the Street lights were not glowing!! :O

At first I thought I would go inside the place but was scared if someone would catch me for trespassing! So, I silently started my journey back… I got another person’s number from my roomie who was just leaving the library and called up 4-5 times… no answer! I was sweating heavily not knowing what to do and where to go… it was a good thing I remember places where I go to easily.. Else, I am pretty sure I would have been mugged by some drunkard! 😛

On my way back, the moon with a ‘V’ shape formed by two jets travelling away from each other caught my eye on the right side of the road.. it was a beautiful sight… at least something to take my mind off the long deserted road I was walking on!


My camera wasn’t that good.. so this is the BEST it could take. I walked down the road and again I tried calling for about 2-3 times but neither of them picked up. So, I quietly made my way back to the university buildings. While coming along the way, I saw a beautiful scenery along with the moon and the street lights that I HAD to take a pic of it! 😀


P.s.: I am really happy the way the pic has come out without using any editing! My hand is getting more and more steady at 1/4 sec shots! 🙂

So, I came into my university campus and I was making my way to see if anything was left to have at the Memorial Union(MU) building. I saw people going and out of it so I entered the basement and I saw Burger king was open!! (God bless u! XD) I ordered a Chicken sandwich meal which comes with a HUGE bottle of drink (which unfortunately here at BK, is not Unlimited whereas at other places, its UNLIMITED till d bottle tears! 😛 ) and so, I ended up wasting 8$ tonight since I didn’t have much for Lunch either.. so I was really starving!!

When I almost finished with it, I received messages from the person I had tried to call! I reached home and then I called her up and told her what had happened. She later told me that they were just near the place I had gone to and they were inside hence there were no lights in that house! We  had a nice chat and then I thought to myself… hmm.. maybe my luck here is exhausting… maybe the Gods have nothing more to give me… and when I was completing this blog..someone knocked the door… and to my surprise it was the guy next door… he gave me something and said… U guys came to Bridges? I looked at him n said.. U really wanna knw? I did but I left! 😛

That is when he said- “Leslie ( the person who gave us a free ride and the one who takes really good care of us all like a foster parent) told me to give this to u!” I slowly opened the cover n saw…..


And it looks kinda… semi-Indian! Thank u sooo much Leslie… Only wish I could’ve attended the meet and ate this rather than having you sent it home! I am really sorry abt that! 😦

Moral: The GODS must be crazy! Seriously!

p.s.: Guess I am always blessed by everyone. I always believed so n I will continue to believe so as well. (^_^)



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