Overseas experience-part 1!

I was admitted to Arizona State University (ASU) this Fall 2012. I had to take a flight to Phoenix, Arizona from India.

My first flight was from Mumbai to Munich, Germany. I went to the Mumbai International airport at around 9 PM for my flight at 1 AM! My parents were left outside since it was going to be 15th August soon and people were not allowed inside. I stepped inside the International airport for the first time and I was surprised to see that such an airport existed in India. I had gone to the domestic airport many times before but to an International Airport, this was the first one for me. I had to step into a line … a huge one for Lufthansa tickets. I was allowed only one of 23kgs but I had taken 2 of them. So, I ended up paying 74$ extra… for which I had to change 80 USD to INR because I didn’t have that much INRs with me n d damn guy put up a conversion ratio of 51.5 INR=1 USD! (-_-)!

So, after running around and exchanging the amount n paying the lady at the counter, I had to go out to give away my postpaid SIM card as well as my sweets’ box since it wouldn’t be allowed inside the security check! I tried to reason with the security… but they were kinda adamant… then my mom came near the entrance.. n I showed her to them.. Finally, I gave away my sweets’ box to her. I came in and then there was the long queue for the immigration check. (-_-)! I stood there for almost 30 mins and finally, got my stamp in my passport. It was already 11:30! I had to go to the security check now. There, it took about 15 mins to get myself checked. I got my ticket stamped at the security check and then, I got my laptop and other stuff from them and started proceeding to the lower level where I had to wait… After a few minutes, I realized that I didn’t have my passport with me!!! :O

I didn’t know what to do… My Passport, VISA, gone! Then, I went to the counter and starting searching here and there… but still couldn’t find it. Finally, an announcement was made that they had found my passport somewhere and was available somewhere. I went to the person in-charge and asked him to hand me the passport. I had to sign a register and then I got my passport back. Phew~!

I went down and sat for a while and after that, I felt like buying something on the way. So, I went up and bought a Frooti, a bottle of water and 2 chocolates + 1 pack of biscuits. πŸ™‚

I again went down, I couldn’t find a seat so, I stood there and then they started to board the passengers. I went in, took my seat and luckily, the guy next to me.. was an Indian as well! πŸ˜›
And that too, a Marwari guy who ate ‘Pan’ all the time and kept asking the Air hostess if there were any Hindi Language options on the flight TV! πŸ˜›
Well, as a person he was very down to Earth and was polite, so, thank God for that! πŸ˜€
We had a chat of how he came to visit his son at Salt lake or something( I still don’t know where that is! ) and a little about his family and US in a general. It was nice. I scrolled through the movies list and found some Hindi as well as a few Tamil movies!!! That was something I never expected! :O
Finally, I settled to watch ‘The Avengers’ which I had not watched till then and which I had planned to watch a long time back! As time passed, the hostesses came with snacks and asked what we would like to drink. The gentleman next to me said in his typical Marwari accent- “Only Veg!”. I giggled when I heard the way he spoke to the German air hostess and she was puzzled as to what he meant! LOL! XD Finally, she managed to understand what he meant and gave him a veg snack. I said-“I will have the same, please.” And hence, I got my veggie snack which was a sandwich like thing filled with all good veggies microwaved and grilled! Yum! πŸ˜›

I resumed my movie and finished watching it. It was a so-so movie… it didn’t come up to my expectation though..since a lot of my friends were going Ga-ga over it and that hyped my interest in it! I felt tired after all the running with luggage I had to do hence, I fell asleep soon after that. I had my huge, heavy jerkins on so, I didn’t need any blanket which they gave (now I feel I should’ve taken it along with me here! LOL! :P)

After a few hours of sleep, I woke up and found that the flight time left was just 1.5 hrs… The screen shows the flight path, altitude, the two cameras on the sides of the flight (REAL-TIME cameras!) and the screen in front of all of us showed us the camera as seen by the pilot!! Those were some really cool things I got to see aboard the Lufthansa flight from Mumbai to Munich! πŸ˜€ When we had the final 1 hour left, we were served breakfast(since it was about 5 AM in Germany while the flight time was 7.5 hrs totally, so it should’ve been 7:30 or maybe 8:30 AM in India.) The breakfast was really nice. We had an Asian Veg breakfast where they gave 2 small cut parathas with paneer gravy, a bun, butter, some salt, sugar, pepper, mustard and mayonnaise and a small chocolate cream muffin. It was AWESOME! πŸ˜€

We shortly landed at the Franz Josef Strauss International Airport in Munich and all along the landing way, I saw some AWESOME scenery and some really nice grass plains along with the front camera showing our landing.
Overall, it was SUPER AWESOME and thrilling … although dangerous as well! LOL! πŸ˜›

How the weather was, how I lost 7 dollars to 2 Euros and how I had a chance to enter the First Class Lounge of Lufthansa, how I ‘think’ I lost my ticket and my final interaction with Mr. Marwari…. in the next part. (^_~)

Keep following to know more of my EXCITING journey to where I am now. πŸ˜€


5 thoughts on “Overseas experience-part 1!

  1. Lol! when i read you lost your passport & VISA i was like OH HELL!! :O
    but then again when i reas u got it back i was actually like PHEW~ πŸ˜›
    *off to read the next part*

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