What is Love according to you?

Is it a feeling of happiness beyond words? Is it a feeling of satisfaction which can’t be described? Or is it a feeling of being special to someone? Different people have different ways of expressing it.

Well, if you ask me, I would give a slightly different definition. It is a feeling similar to Liking but with a higher priority given to because of your senses!

‘What are you blabbering about? You don’t know anything about LOVE!’- You might stomp! Yup, you are right. I’ve never felt it the way ‘YOU’ have felt it. This is what I feel about the thing called ‘LOVE’.

When we ‘like’ something or someone, we get a feeling of satisfaction, happiness and oneness; that we gave a name called ‘LIKE’. And when we start to get totally ‘into’ that person or thing, we say we ‘love’ that person or thing. And when we love something or someone, we become obsessed with that person/thing. True! Every person feels like this sometime in their lives and I am no exception. I too have had ‘crushes’ (which obviously I can’t disclose in public!!) and I too have ‘loved’ many people and things!

‘But, hey! What was that gibberish definition of yours, huh?’ You ask? Simple! Think about it. You first like a person and then when you totally adore him/her, you say ‘I am in LOVE with him/her’. But what happens after this step? I mean, you ask her out, go on a few dates, propose and stuff (Sorry, I am a callow in this subject! Never went out on dates or proposed a girl or something like that, in fact never fell for anyone so far! So, sorry….. No offences.). Well that is the general idea, I guess.

We all love someone in our life, be it our parents, our siblings, our off springs, our entire family and of course, our friends. And apart from all this, we also love some things we own like maybe….. Something you bought with your own money or got from someone important to you. The reason why we ‘Love’ these things rather than just ‘like’ them is simple. We ‘love’ them because of the ‘feelings’ associated with them. We hold them close to our heart than any other person or thing because we want them to remain so. We prioritize them because we want them so. All the feelings we have come from within us. These are not natural. We create them for our own happiness and bliss.

What we fail to understand is that, these feelings exist with everyone and everything that lives in this world! We want to be loved but, we only want to show those feelings to just one person – we call that person ‘destiny’, ‘other half’, ‘soul mate’, or other things. We love them because our senses, our instincts tell us to do so. And when this fails, we use such a simple word ‘ditched’! What happens next? You get dejected, think of hurting back that person or end up hurting yourself! When that feeling dies out in a person, he or she tries to re-create those feelings in something else; some kind of art, hobby or even work just to take his/her mind off.

People lose a lifetime frantically searching for this feeling called ‘LOVE’ when all they have to do is just open their hearts to see life through their ‘heart’ and not just their ‘eyes’! People out there who have felt the brunt of ‘love’ always say there is no feeling called ‘Love’. Trust me! There is a feeling called ‘Love’.

‘I am waiting for the right guy/girl to come into my life!’ Oh! Just open your heart to the world. It’s screaming with ‘love’. If you don’t want to do so, then you decide your future to remain a caged bird inside the cage you built. No matter where you go, with whom you are with or in what position you are, you’ll find it hard to find ‘love’.

Don’t try to control your senses far too much. Let them guide you to some extent. Listen with your heart and not just your brain and ears. You’ll feel the feeling ‘Like’ slowly replaced by the feeling called ‘Love’.

And yeah! If you ask me whether I ‘Love’ anyone or anything in life; this will be my answer – “I Love everything and everyone that life throws at me or brings close to! I love my family, I love my friends, I love Nature, and I love everything I do or come across!” And why? “Because I opened my heart long back and thus, I know the secret to ‘LOVE’! (^_^)”



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