How many of us like getting wet in the rain? Waking up at 6 in the morning to go for your 6 Km morning stroll in the gloomy weather with bleak skies and worried about getting our socks wet?

Well, I do it every alternate day! And today was no different, or so I thought before I left home! I usually don’t wear my spectacles when I do so and take only a medium sized napkin to dab my sweat off. But today, was different. I was in a good mood thinking of some really melodious songs to play on my violin since it had been such a long time I seriously played on it. The roads were empty with just school students making their way to catch the buses and rickshaws. As I made my way to the usual checkpoint, I realized it started to drizzle. I slowly opened my umbrella and started my return journey. That is when it started pouring heavily. Suddenly, something came over me and I thought, I need to get wet in this rain! Before I even realized it, I was half drenched and I had my umbrella folded in my hands!

I felt like opening the umbrella, but something within me urged me to get wet! When I crossed the road and reached the footpath pavements near my society compound, I slowly raised my head and closed my eyes. Slowly, everything became silent. I could only feel the droplets of water falling on my face like small pins pricking for a second and then making their way towards the side of my face, slowly drenching my college jersey. The pitter-patter rain drops falling near my shoes added to the beauty of Nature’s music. I could hear the droplets slowing down and falling on the small puddle beside where I was standing; making a distinct drop sound. I imagined how I used to play in the rain when I was young; at my hometown where there were lots of touch-me-not plants which used to fold their leaves just as the first drops of water hit them. I started feeling cold. That is when I realized that my clothes were totally drenched. I opened my eyes slowly. The little leaves of the croton plants inside the house near me, danced up and down as the drops of water washed them as if they were enjoying getting wet in the rain just like me!

As I opened my eyes fully, I realized that the rain had slowly ameliorated. I was greeted by the beautiful green color of the plants which still had drops of water on the tip of their leaves just like a photograph! As I entered my society, the watchman looked at me bedazzled wondering why I was standing near the entrance, getting wet in the rain and not using my umbrella or coming inside his cabin when it was pouring cats and dogs!

Slowly, I dragged my drenched legs towards the elevator and made my way to the 13th floor where I stay. I pressed the calling bell with a smile on my face. Mom came out, looked at me and yelled – “YOU GOT WET IN THE RAIN AGAIN? YOU WILL NEVER LEARN! WHY DO YOU NEED AN UMBRELLA WHEN YOU WANT TO GET WET ALL THE TIME?!”

As I made my way inside smiling at her, she asked – “What is so funny? Why are you smiling? ”

“Only a few people can really FEEL the rain…… Others just get WET!” I smirked at her.


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