Zest, Obligation or Quotidian ?

It has barely been 19 hours since the bomb blasts in Mumbai. People are back to their day-to-day routines with the crowd bouncing back in whatever mode of transport they can get to reach their office.

Even though the central railways had to shut down its trains due to water logging, people still went to their respective offices today. The papers, as usual, came out with their stories of the bombings and several people, as usual, blaming the government officials for this incident. It is not that they are wrong, but every time such an incident occurs, it is always the public springing to its feet, getting effervescent about its feelings and finally after a few days effaced off.

All those feelings of revenge and anger die away like they never existed! The same thing happens with the government too. Police patrols increase for the next few weeks and then, all go back to slumber. People light candle lights for some time and then that too fades away. Within the next few months, bombs go off at some place and people become agitated and start the whole process again. This is a never ending cycle that starts with anger and has no end at all whatsoever!

What can a common man do? We ask when told that we do not do anything. Well, what do you want us to do? Lift corpses from so many places in India? Take a census of the dead people? Go to the place and light some candles and mourn? Or just criticize the government for its awesome efficacy? Or congratulate the person who first takes a video of the incident rather than calling the ambulance? Or just sit here at home without disturbing their so called ‘Investigation’ which takes about 10 yrs to reach a consensus!? Or merely sympathize with the dead?

We come to know all these things due to some really fast technology we use to give us luxury and satisfy our greed. But there were people out there, putting messages on google docs for giving assistance to anyone who needed help like a lift till thane, accommodation for long distance travelers, free medical help and some even allowed people to use their vehicles to transport the injured. While all this happened yesterday, all I did was sit in front of my laptop doing nothing, nothing at all. Just posting on my wall as well as other people’s wall and sharing the google docs link with as many friends as I could. That was the only thing I could do, still shocked about the incident, not knowing how to help those unfortunate families.

And today, even the media have shifted focus towards blaming the government and stuff. No one knows the families who lost their near and dear ones. People go to work as if they are not affected by this tragedy at all. All the wealthy guys out there just sympathize with the dead and continue working and when asked why, they emphatically reply – ‘This is the spirit of Mumbai!’ while the below-poverty-line people go to work saying – ‘ Majboori hai bhai! Roti, kapada aur makaan ke liye karna padtha hai! (It’s a necessity! For food, clothing and shelter we need to do it!) ‘ .

People like me who sit at home doing nothing but writing stuff like this, will unanimously say (well, at least some of us would!) – “What is so special about these bombings? Happens every time! Someday we are also going to die like this! After all, this is India and I am proud of our Indian government for giving such a nice haven for terrorists saying – All Indians are my brothers and sisters. So are you – because you stayed at our place for more than 5 years, you naturally become an Indian citizen!!!”




2 thoughts on “Zest, Obligation or Quotidian ?

  1. Hmmm so true!!!!!!!!!!
    But even if der is someone who takes a lead to stop dis he is bribed by d govt!!!!!!
    v r forced 2 b spectators!!!!!!!!!

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