Memories : A typical day at college

Well……its been a fairly long time after my previous post and a few of my friends were asking when the 5th part was going to come up.I was busy with my journal submissions in college as well as preparing for my GRE exam on the 12th. Now that its over, I thought I should change the subject from a monotonous, boring self-centered topic to something all of us can relate to……Since my college days are coming to an end, I came up with an idea of sharing how my college life has been so far. This post is about how a routine journey to my college and back home feels like….. Hope you guys like it and I  get some comments this time. 

A typical day  begins by waking up at about 6:45 or 7 in the morning and after completing all my ablutions and stuff…. I rush to catch a local train from my place to Nerul. Usually I catch the 8:17 train to Panvel ( a few stations beyond my college at Nerul ). The reason is simple – least crowded!  The train that comes next is the 8:23 Belapur which is 2 stations beyond my college. When I get a little late I have to go catch this train. Usually it is not crowded but, sometimes, when you are out of luck, it gets crowded to the extent that you have to put one leg behind the safety pole and one leg on the footboard standing on an extremely vulnerable position, which most of my friends do all the time, listening to your favourite songs on your mobile!

One station later Vashi comes where many people get down and many others come on board. By this time you safely get inside and stand next to the door. The most embarrassing and annoying thing that usually happens is this- Suddenly from somewhere a girl pops up and comes with her BF and struggles to find space to stand next to you and unfortunately, you have no place to move!

The guy then sees that the girl is being touched by a guy and he starts to show his possessiveness! When you just start to take a look at the girl, needless to say, in the already crowded train, he starts pushing you little by little by first putting his arm between you and that stupid girl of his and slowly making his way between you both while you crawl towards the corner for some air!                           MAN! who asked that girl to come stand in such a cramped up area when she could have sat inside next to her BF and did whatever they wanted  to ? 

Then there is the TC, a guy who seldom comes when you sit down in a comfortable place but will always make his way into a crowded train and tap on your shoulders and ask for your ticket!And, in that crowded train, taking out your wallet kept deep inside your bag is another frustrating thing to do! Finally when Nerul station comes, there occurs another classical phenomena of “Survival of the Fittest” !!!  You need to get down before the train even stops, else, you’ll be pushed inside deep even before you can come near the door! Finally  you reach  college after walking for 3-5 minutes from the station. The problem is, ( well, so far I have not been caught later than 9:05 at the college doorsteps! A record I can boast of!  ) if you come later than 9:05 am, you need to stand outside to listen to a hearing by the BOSS of our college, the Princi ….. unfortunately, the hearing always gets pretty late only to  end without a  judgement and the same hearing plays everyday like a record tape! And once you get to the classroom, and  ask for permission to enter the classroom, the professor ( that is what the people who ask us doubts and tell us to take lectures, call themselves ) tell you to get out !!! So, what was the point in listening to a record tape, standing outside for half an hour, rushing to class thinking that you can spend some time with your friends and getting yelled at for, you maybe tempted to ask…… the answer is simple!
It was to ensure that you were not told to meet the HOD of your department and get a letter for absence signed by him and submit it to the class advisor( who seldom advises anything but just to meet the HOD! Since she has completed almost 6 months in our college, these days, she tells us to meet the Princi, not the HOD!!!).
After entering the class for the second lecture, and thinking of sitting for all the lectures to make up your attendance, your friends tell you – “Lets all MASS-BUNK! “(that is the name given, when the teacher herself tells us to go home after threatening to mark us all absent for 1 week, if anyone of us sits for the remaining lectures!!!)
Needless to say, you get totally distraught if you agree you need to go, else everyone’s attendance is lost and if you do, your attendance gets reduced. Sometimes, you  bunk with your friends and some times you don’t. Some of your so-called friends, tell you that they will also bunk but, in the end, they come back and sit for the lectures and thus drown your attendance!

And when that MASS-BUNK occurs with the teacher’s permission, you are told to give an APOLOGY letter to the CA with your parent’s signature on it stating that you wanted to leave and thus, you left…the teachers didn’t tell you to bunk!!!

Finally, when it all ends, at 3:45 pm, you are thrown a surprise – Seminar on some blah blah blah….. ATTENDANCE COMPULSORY! Feeling already half-dead you are forced to sit for that useless seminar where you sleep the entire time or send messages to your friends… fact, it is so stressful to hear that poor person that, even out HOD dozes off sitiing on the front seat!!! 

After the entire seminar is over, you rush your way out of college to catch the train from Nerul towards Thane so that you don’t need to wait for another 30 minutes for the next train! 

As my friends who live on the Thane line make their way towards their respective trains, I slowly amble myself towards my side (CST side) and wait for my train. As soon as I board it, i find a window seat or the seat just next to the doors, remove my earphones, switch on my mobile (which i switch off while entering my college) plug it in and listen to my playlist while enjoying the cool breeze on the Vashi-Mankhurd bridge for about 6-7 minutes.
Aaaaaahhhhhh….this is  life, I think, closing my eyes only to open it just before my station comes, lost in a whole new world of songs with my perfect audio player set!

I get down from the train, remove my earphones and walk towards my society where I always get greeted by the amazing breeze anytime of the day…..get on the lift, open the front door, throw away my bag, change my clothes, wash my face and switch on my lappy to start writing my next blog. 


15 thoughts on “Memories : A typical day at college

  1. college life is full of fun…no love story no maza…i think u must have fallen in love,,,whens ur love story going to begin..dont foget to give d details like u have …ur just fab!!! loving it!!!go on my boy !!!just go on!!!

  2. “Like” (couldn’t hit the button..requires registration.) Much improvement in writing, better than the Footprints. If I may suggest to make your blogs “pro”-type, don’t use smileys… Use any pics or punchlines to deepen the effect. Anyways, it was good. I even loved a few lines… Keep it up! (the writing, I mean.)

  3. IS this what happens daily in ur clg..huh..??.u missed the happy moments in the canteens, photo sessions besides the lakes,the various events organised by the class be it ecl evl oe efl.u even missed out the joy of sharing tiffins and eating namkeens during the lectres.the jokes that tickled every little bones of u and the punches u hit (very hard ones…!!!indeed ) to u r near and dear ones….but anyways this was better than the last ones.dont put smiles cauz u dont know where to put what it irritates some time…
    All the best for ur future osts..!!!

    Thanks & Best Regards,
    Uday Kamat | Techmahindra

    • You are such an IDIOT!!! You just gave out your identity! LOL! N i didn’t punch my near n dear ones 😛 I only targeted dat guy …infact not just me..i had accomplices as well! LOL! 😀

  4. hey, i liked d col wala part. it ll b fun reading it ltr whn v wud b busy in our lives, say aftr 2-3 years. al those college n lecs ke details u hav given, v can laugh ova it. its gd 2 store it in dis form 😉 nice work dheeraj!

    • imp points like wat? i have missed some of them…i know..but a lot of them? dunno…but still… will write in detail next time.Please look forward to it 🙂

  5. nice one yaar dheeraj.. It was really a good piece to read and its nice to hear abt things which happen in your daily life from others point of view…keep it up buddy

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